Before I Know It I’m Kurt Russell: An Experiment In Form And Dreaming

Below is a transcription, with minor edits*, of a nine-tweet recounting of a dream that I experienced while napping on the afternoon of  Saturday, January 21st.

Dream: some sort of cataclysm- collision or invasion?- above the low-clouded bay, muffled explosions, flashing lights through the clouds.

The sun breaks over the city, beneath the clouds, illuminating a single piece of wreckage as it careens towards the water, smoke billowing.

Almost before it lands, another, larger, chunk of wreckage punches a hole in the clouds, very close to the east shore, and plunges into the water.

The whole scene is rendered with a sublime incomprehensibility: the water begins to recede from the shore, which makes me think tsunami,

… but it turns out the wreckage from what I’m thinking now is some sort of alien ship has punched a deep hole in the floor of the bay

… which is now draining at a sickening speed.

Before I know it I’m Kurt Russell, and the ventriloquist-doll aliens are forcing me to play a vintage video-game of my memories to save the world.

The dream is shot like a movie that defies chronology: things with narrative significance happen out of order, only I’m the main character,

So I fully feel the realizations as they happen to myself, that events of the previous scene sometimes haven’t happened yet, and vice versa.


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