Avenue City: My Fist Is A Book Of Ethics In The East Bay

Apparently none of the shops that I sold my book to/ at today were actually *in* Piedmont, though I feel as though I should at least reiterate the fact that Piedmont is not a neighborhood of, but an actual city, separate from- though surrounded by- Oakland. The quaint shopping district in which I did the day’s business, however, is a neighborhood, in Oakland, and goes by the name of- you’ll see the root of my confusion here- Piedmont Avenue. I spent much of the day wondering about these things and, as a non-native Californian/ Bay Area resident, finally broke down and consulted the googles.

photo 2
@ Spectator Books, 4163 Piedmont Avenue

So if you’re not following me on Twitter and you’re wondering where- besides Dog Eared Books, Needles and Pens, and Modern Times in the Mission District in SF- you can now purchase my collection of poems, the oft-hashtagged My Fist Is A Book Of Ethics here in the East Bay, look no further: copies are now available at Spectators, Owl and Company (both ON Piedmont Avenue), and Issues Magazines Shop (merely IN Piedmont Avenue). You can find it there, at Spectators in the “New Books Section,” at Owl and Company in the “poetry” section, and at Issues in the ‘zine box in the back-left corner of the store when coming through the door.

photo 1
@ Owl & Company Bookshop, 3941 Piedmont Avenue

While out I picked up a short but color-plated art book on Cubism (from Spectators), as well as a 1981 Anthology of writings on Children’s Literature (from Owl & Co.). I did not manage to purchase anything from Issues, as I had no paper money on me, but they are holding a small ‘zine of poetry by Oakland writer Sara McGrath, and I plan on returning to pick it up ASAP. I also visited Book Zoo, who I hope to add to my list of sellers soon, where I bought the brand new Cometbus– something that I don’t think has ever happened to me.  I mean, usually I pick them up months after they come out (if at all). This seemed fortuitous as the current issue is apparently all about the used book scene in NYC, and here I am- not in NYC- but, you know selling and buying books and stuff. And also because I’d read in a former issue of CometBus, some months back, that “back in the day” there were quite a few punks in/ from Piedmont. I wonder which one?

photo 3 (1)
@ Issues Magazine + More, 20 Glen Avenue

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