(About) Me


Art OpeningI.

A graduate student in the English department at the University of California, Berkeley, I am the father of three brilliant and beautiful children- Estrella Maria, age 12; Ephraim John, age 9; and Seva James, age 5

I  write poetry, which I self-publish under the moniker #JAA.

I teach literature, composition and writing on a wide range of subjects including 20th century American and British Literature, Race & Ethnicity in American film, Children’s Literature, Chicana/o & Latina/o Literature, and The Victorian Period.

I am currently an instructor for the Bay Area-based SAT Prep company Perfect 1600.

My primary research interests involve a political critique of genre that focuses on Fantastic Literature, with a particular focus on Children’s Literature, which I argue is Fantastic Literature, which is the term I use instead of terms like “Speculative Literature,” which is to say this is all part of the aforementioned political critique of genre, which you can read about in a sort of foundation-laying article on the subject that I wrote for The Los Angeles Review of Books, entitled “Toward a New Fantastic: Stop Calling Science Fiction Science Fiction.” My work on Children’s Literature has focused on mid-20th century young children’s literature, specifically Margaret Wise Brown and the “Here and Now” movement. I have written and presented on the uncanny, signification, myth, virtuality, and unconscious phantasy in Goodnight Moon and Little Fur Family.

I have also been dabbling in art writing, which I post intermittently on my Instagram.

If you’d like to contact me, you can do so at joshuaanderson@berkeley.edu.

You can also find me/ friend me/ follow me on Facebook and Twitter, or support me and my work at my Etsy and/ or my Patreon.


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